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      It’s been 80,000 years since the winter solstice, a solar eclipse and planetary alignment ocurred around the same time! What an exciting time, and also the perfect time to clear up the old before bringing in the new year.

If you have felt the anxiety of space and time right now, it's not just because of the elections or Covid-19, it's about us being forced to see life differently. In fact, it's a wake up call to let you know that we cannot live on this earth the same way. This is a once-in-a-lifetime galaxy event that is happening! It has already started for those that can feel the pull to go within.

So Guided by Spirit… AKA G~d, I was told to create a 3-day purge to Release the old, Revive your truth, bringing your soul into a high state, and Realign your connection with Spirit. If this resonates with you, then come and join us !

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Release, Revive, Realign is here to support us as we purge and connect for 2021. Spirituality is about bringing the light and love of G~d into existence inside our hearts and creating space within to connect on a much higher level. We can accomplish this through purging and releasing negative patterns, fear and anger, giving ourself room to tank up freedom, flow, connection, ideas, gratitude, openness, and unconditional love for ourself, spirit and others.

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      Check out this video and what Michal has to say..

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We are so excited for what is here now energetically and what is going to happen between now and 2021.
3-day meditation dates:
December 21st at 11:11 AM
December 23rd at 11:11 PM

This is an international event in all languages.
We will have Revive clubs on Zoom from all over the world, creating a synergy and connection.
There will be a screen displaying all clubs to connect with us and the energy.
If you are interested in having a Revive club, please connect with us and sign up below.

What to Expect:

1. Flowing meditations of all cultures and languages, guided meditation, sound baths, musical meditations, visual and movement meditations and Yoga, too.
2. 84 hours straight of live streaming on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn.
3. Limited in-person seating available at Los Angeles location (contact us at: info@michalandcompany.com)
4. Social distancing spots with food, space and energy.
            Listen to how Michal started it all:

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The Covid-19 pandemic. Tumultuous politics. An unstable economy. It’s a wake-up call to take a leap of faith and learn to flow, and create a new way of life connected to G~d. This event is about connecting to your highest self, your truth, love, Spirit, G~d. If this resonates with you, welcome to our event of a lifetime !

      For those who have meditated for many years, these meditations are different because of the planetary alignment influencing us to take a huge leap of faith towards transitioning to a new reality. For many years, we have understood spirituality as a state of mind rather than a state of love. We have steered away from religion not because of G~d, but because of the circumstances of the people. Now, we are closing into a transition that the planetary alignment signifies.

      In this new space and time for 2021, it is about the awakening of the masses and of divine people. It is about having light shine upon us and having the truth become more clear with the gift of the 2020 vision we have been given during this alignment.

      Together let us shift and purge ourselves to the level of conscious beings on earth who are connected to spirit. We will become the pillar of the light for others to join as they find their highest truth. We are so excited for the new times to come! Join us and dedicate your beautiful self to this amazing shift so that we can make this ripple effect something that all people will feel.

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Rotem Perez

Event Planner

747 250 0888


JoyGrace Harmony

JV Marketing and Communication

424 200 0017


Henry Cedeno

SEO and Marketing

Robinson Mackenzie

Social Media

Jesus de la Cruz

Streaming and Event Sound Manager

Guiders of Contribution

We want to thank all the Guiders of contribution for coming to our event to support humanity and the evolution of spirituality at this moment in time. Each Guider has taken their time out to contribute their energy and love for their great gifts and knowledge. We are grateful and thankful.

Robert Simmons

Alchemy of the stones Co creating with crystals

Pamela Edwards Ryan

Language of Space & Feng Shui Strategist

Denny Cohen Ashkenazi

NLP Trainer/coach, conscious living facilitator

Socorro Diaz

Emotional and Trauma Release Facilitator

Michal Mael

Energy Healer & Clear Guider

MH Crystal Skull

Bill & Carol Davis Messages from the skull

Marina Qutab

Social Media Personality Eco Goddess

Racquel Palmese

Spiritual Teacher, Counselor & Transformational Guide

Dr Larra Shah

Holistic Healer & Manifestation Expert

Einav Pinto

Pilates Studio owner

Gilat Yogev

Biology MD, Teacher and a Therapist

Haley Derge

Yoga Student & Teacher

Tesa Michaels

Art of Tesa

Leana Edwards

Leana Edwards, M.A. Psychology, Qualified MBSR Teacher

Batiya Cohen


Janice Bussing

Mastery Consultant / Dream Builder Life Coach

Stephanie Elaine Golden-Falcon

Fire Letter Catalyst Energetisist

Sonia & Francis

Movement journey meditation

Rozaliya Heinen

Spiritual Leader

Gigi Miller

Harpist, Yoga and Face Yoga Teacher

Napoleon Gratitude

Gratitude Super Manifestor

Rachel Bare

Guided Tea Ceremony - A Moving Meditation

Neil Cannon

Bestselling Author & Holistic Health Mentor

Batsheva Malka

Aarti Pure Golden Light

Melody Moore

The animal angel

Natalie olivo

Certified Sound Bath Practitioner, Guided Meditation Teacher, Yogi, and Hypnotist

Dr Sandra Rose Michael

Inventor, Researcher, Professor

Merlin David

Publisher/owner of M Music & Musicians magazine

Ron Schmidtling

Musician and Scientist

Roy Ashkenazi

Atlantis Musika
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